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馻y released bett〓ing odds of w◆ho may win 2017-18 ◆NBA Finals MVP. ◆Stephen Curr〓y and Kevin D■urant of the War■riors ranked first a■nd second wit◆h respective●ly 9/5 and 5/7. LeBr■on James o■f the Cavalie■rs came in third wit●h 7/1.ESPN's D■ave McMenamin on○ Tuesday said ◆Tyronn Lue, ○head coach of Cl◆eveland told hi■m in an interview 〓Kevin Love might 〓miss Game On◆e of the Final〓s because of ●NBA's concuss●ion protocol. Lo●ve had to leave t○he court in G●ame Six with ■the Celtics on May ■25 after a head-to●-head collision ●with Jason Tatum●. He was d●iagnosed wi〓th concussion and m○issed Game ◆Seven.As for the ○Warriors, league so■urces said ◆that Andre Iguod●ala who got ◆his left knee h○urt in Gam■e Three wi〓th the Houst■on Rockets■ and missed the four● games lat●er might not appe◆ar in the court fo◆r Game One of the■ Finals ei○ther. Iguodala〓 told the rep●orters that he ■did

not feel pai〓n walking, but〓 was still ○searching for■ ways to heal hi◆s knee.Game ◆One of the 2■017-18 NBA Fina●ls will be played at○ the Oracle Aren○a in Oakland on Th○ursday.Please scan t〓he QR Code 〓to follow us

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